Henna Treatment Wax

Henna Treatment Wax

Henna Treatment Wax

Natural Classic Henna Hair Treatment Wax is a nourishing wax. Its special formula based on the extract of Henna (Lawsonia), allows for deep penetration into the hair, allowing nutrients to reach the places where they are best used.

This is the original Henna Treatment Wax formula made from the finest ingredients. Designed to revitalise all types of hair particularly hair which has been damaged by blenching, perming or tinting.

As a result, the hair regains its shine and elasticity. Used on a regular basis it will make the hair lustrous, stronger and beautiful to look at.


1. Wash hair thoroughly.

2. Using the fingers, massage Natural Classic Henna Treatment Wax thoroughly into the hair and scalp.

3. Cover hair with a damp hot towel for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the condition of the hair or apply before taking a hot bath as the steam will activate the reconditioning process.

4. Rinse thoroughly in warm water and style hair as required.

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Haarspülung. Henna Treatment Wax ist ein Henna welches die Haarfarbe nicht ändert.
Original Formula Hair Conditioner will not colour hair.

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