Hair color rejuvenator and hair conditioning treatment designed to blend away gray and restore your natural color on a gradual basis. Youthair® is currently used by thousands upon thousands of men and women worldwide to make them look and feel younger. It is only one of many beauty products produced by A.I.I., American International Industries, with headquarters in Los Angeles California and London England and world famous for their A.I.I. Clubman hair care product line.
Beware of Impostors! We have seen numerous instances where, although the same or similar packaging is shown, the ingredients are not actually Youthair but a cheap imitation. To find the parent company of any organization, you only need to type in www with the name of the item after it followed by .com or equivalent and up comes the web site of that parent company. The same is true here. Type www.youthair.com into your browser and you will see us come up every time. When you order from us, you will be getting fresh and original Youthair to ensure your results are the best possible. Restoring your natural hair color is an important issue and obviously you need the products you are using to be of the highest quality.  You can rest assured that the Youthair you purchase and our high quality customer service is unmatched by anyone.

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Haarlotion lässt graue Haare verschwinden, ohne zu färben.
Gradualy changes hair to a more youthful locking color.

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