Sofn' Free

Sofn' Free

Die Firma MM Products hat schon 1973 Produkte für den Ethnik Markt hergestellt. Mit den Jahren kamen immer mehr Serien dazu wie Bump Patrol und Sofn' Free.
EURP: Amka Health & Beauty International Ltd 1st Floor, Exchange Place IFSC Dublin 1, Irland

In 1973, we revolutionized the ethnic hair care industry by introducing Sta Sof Fro, the world’s first product to help people of color easily comb, style, and maintain their hair—particularly afros—without shrinking or tangling. Today, we’re a recognized global leader in the hair care industry and continue our groundbreaking tradition by searching the globe for new powerful, natural ingredients and creating the most innovative hair care products.

For almost 30 years, women the world over have depended on our classic Sofn’free brand products to easily maintain healthy, lustrous, naturally beautiful hair.

Sofn’freen’pretty is the safe, gentle, and therapeutic hair care line specially formulated with olive and sunflower oils for the unique needs of your child’s hair, leaving it softer, shinier and more manageable.

Sofn’free GroHealthy
New Sofn’free GroHealthy Milk & Olive products use a unique, restorative 3-part blend of milk protein, Italian olive oil and omega 3 from the Peruvian Sachi Inchi nut and Moroccan Argan oil to make stressed, damaged hair unbelievably beautiful and healthier.

Sofn’freen'pretty GroHealthy
Sofn’freen'pretty GroHealthy is the very first children's product line made to treat a child’s unique problems, using natural ingredients like omega 3, olive oil and shea butter, that are proven to speed healing, end chronic dryness, repair damage and promote growth.

Bump Patrol

Taking Razor Bumps Out
Whether you call them ingrown hairs, shaving bumps or by their fancy medical name of pseudofolliculitis barbae, razor bumps are an all-too-common skin condition that's painful and embarrassing for many men.

Razor Bumps. The Cause & the Cure.
Razor bumps are caused by shaving irritation that inflames the skin. This inflammation makes pores swell, trapping hair follicles and creating bumps. Shaving irritation happens when you use the wrong razor, shave in the wrong direction or even use the wrong razor bump treatments.

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Sofn' Free Black Castor Oil Anti-Dandruff Oil Mosturizing Lotion. Maximum softness & strength. Itchy scalp & dandruff relief.

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100 ml = 1,43 €

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Haarlotion gibt Ihren Locken Spannkraft und Feuchtigkeit.
Sofn' Free Curl Activator Lotion with Vitmain E and Panthenol.

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100 ml = 0,90 €

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Sofn Free Curl Activator 2in1 Activator und Moisturizer.
Sofn' Free Curl Activator Lotion with Coconut Oil.

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100 ml = 1,14 €

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Haarlotion gibt Ihren Locken Spannkraft und Feuchtigkeit.
Sofn' Free Curl Activator Lotion with Vitamin E and Panthenol.

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100 ml = 1,07 €

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Pflegespray mit Jojobaöl zum Pflegen von Locken und Wellen. Tropft nicht.
Sofn' Free Curl Moisturizing Spray with Jojoba Oil. No Drip.

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100 ml = 1,14 €

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